Origin of the Service

The Village Citizens Advice Bureau came from a discussion amongst Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual workers in the Manchester District C.A.B. Service about the possibility of an advice service aimed specifically at our communities. This discussion expanded to include members of Citizens Advice's North West Regions Self Organised Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Group.

The result of these discussions was a decision to establish a combined e-mail and telephone service to offer direct advice services to the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities in the North West.

Although the service is aimed at the whole North West it was decided to run the project from within the Manchester District at the time in order to concentrate funds raised on services rather than avoidable overheads.

The official launch took place in Manchester on 26 July 1999.

The project has received funding from

Development of the service

Originally established within the Manchester District Service by staff and volunteers of that service those staff gradually either left the service or moved to the neighbouring service in Salford.

In 2006 the service formally moved to the Salford District where it remains today.


The service is delivered by a group of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual advisers.

The workers delivering advice are fully trained CAB advisers with an average of over ten years full time advice experience.

Steering Group

The steering group consists of members of the North West Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Group, Citizens Advice and Salford C.A.B. staff, most of whom are also involved in delivering the service. They normally meet on a monthly basis.


The service is formally accountable to the Board of the Salford District Service on a day to day basis for the quality of the advice given and for financial accountability.

The service also reports to our main funders on a regular basis with statistical information on the service we provide.